Saturday, January 14, 2012

Not happy

I'm not happy with our overhead cabinets. They don't reach the ceiling and there is a gap.
I thought the cabinet maker would be installing a bulkhead but no it doesn't appear so.
There is no way I am getting up and cleaning the top of the cabinets.
Should I install a bulkhead or get it plastered?


Life on the River said...

I think it looks great! Wouldn't stress about the dust on top, who's that tall anyway! lol Hope you solve your problem. x Jode

Anna@MyDesignEthos said...

The cabinets look lovely still and I agree not to worry about the dust! Although I do like the look of a bulkhead, you could always use this area to display some pretty dishes or artwork (I've filled the top of my cabinets with sculpture bits, framed art and oversized letters).

HMB said...

I'd b putting in lovely glass-doored cupboards that are back-lit... Using another cabinet maker as the one u have obviously isn't very smart not following ur instructions. Lovely kitchen tho :-)

Abigail said...

I had the cabinet maker put in the bulk heads.
Just need to get the painter back and I will be happy.
I do love glass cabinets but I let the kids talk me out of having them this build.
Next time I'm having the full Hamptons kitchen!

pve design said...

I happen to love it. We won't see the dust up there :)
I wish we had country road but alas we do not. I will find some sharp stripe towels for my powder room!
Thanks for your kind comments-