Sunday, June 17, 2012

Kitchen changes

It took a while to convince Dh that some changes needed to be made in the kitchen.
I wasn't happy about the way the window in the kitchen turned out, so had it removed.
Just had the splashback man in this morning to install a new one.
I'm thrilled with the colour and how nice it looks all in one piece.
Also got a bulk head.


B is building a house said...

Sorry to hear the window didn't work out :(

The new splashback looks stunning though <3


Letitia Linke - The White Shed said...

It looks brilliant! I love the stools and chairs too. x

Nancy Lee said...

I think your kitchen is fabulous......but what I want to know is where are all the loose threads we embroideries leave in our wake?????

Abigail said...

Hi Nancy, You should see my sewing room with the charcoal carpet!

Anonymous said...

Love the kitchen Abigail! The splashback is a lovely colour :) (And I think the posters will look amazing!) xx

Anna (My Design Ethos)