Friday, July 13, 2012

Problem room

Hi everyone, I'm just out of hospital after having an operation for a blocked tear duct.
I look a lot worse than I feel so I am not able to go out. I've been spending a bit of time watching DVD's in the family room.
It is not looking quite right. Any advice would be welcome.
I have been looking a Dare gallery and wondering about getting two chairs and maybe just keeping one sofa for the moment.
I put some garden chairs in the room just to see what looks best.

Help please.


penny barns said...


I am thinking maybe one arm chair and then just add a longer style poof(chaise) where you are thinking about adding another lounge. That way it wont box the lounge room in as much but still give room to sit when you have all your grandkids over.
Pen x

Abigail said...

Thanks Pen. You are exactly right. I feel so boxed in when the Grandies come over. You have impeccable taste.